Music as a Business

Generally, business is any activity that is aimed at making profit. Music is a business. Of course, it is an art form.

Not everyone is in music to make money. Music is a hobby to some; a source of fun, and some people like it that way.

But music has led to few occupations. A couple of professions exist because of music. Some players in the music industry earn a living through music. That can be the reason why artists are always doing music. They are certain that they will get something from it.

Artists reap the fruits of their labour in so many ways. Live performances are a source of making quick money. Reggae artists do that. Hip pop artists do that. Rock artists do that. Every artist can do that. But so many things must be considered in order to make a live performance remarkable.

We are not only looking at the money to be invested. Or the money to be earned after all the expenses have been deducted. We also look at the fame an artist has at that particular moment. An artists’ notable songs will influence the number of people attending the show. Practically we are saying, the more the famous songs an artist has, the larger the audience; hence the greater the pay.

Again, the quality of the team an artist has determines the likelihood of the performance. Here, we are looking at the managers, booking agents, the dancers, the guitarist, the pianist; generally all the people involved to make a performance happen. There have been cases of some artists proclaiming that they will perform somewhere, but fail to do so in the very last minute.

It hurts if they do not provide any reasons for the failure. Automatically, the fans will be affected, negatively. They will lose trust. And if it keeps on happening, the fans will stop believing every word the artist says. There will be low turnout at their performances, and genuinely, the money made will be low. All we are saying is that a better team can help in avoiding such situations from occurring.

Concert tours are also a way through which artists earn money. It is no different from a live performance. Only that these concert tours are ongoing for they last for several months, and happens in different towns, cities or countries. Concert tours are a way of promoting music (albums, mix tapes, etc.). Through these tours, an artist reaches a wider audience. By reaching a wider audience, one is adding new fans to the existing fan-base. The new fans are potential customers, and that is money right!

Today, singers are able to sell music on various online platforms. However, some people believe that the money these artists get from such platforms is low. Some even argue that these artists only earn a small fraction of the total sales.

In the previous article, we looked at a beat maker and a music producer. These guys are also men of affairs; they are able to get something from what they do. Hip-pop or rap artists are directly buying instrumentals from the beat makers. Some beat makers are busy creating accounts on various online platforms to lease or sell their instrumentals. It is a win-win situation. They earn money, and the customer gets value for the money. Value, because these are the same beats which are making these musicians famous. Value, because these are the same tunes we are always listening and dancing to.

A music producer records a song; and that is money, unless the producer is a friend. This is 21st century guys! There is nothing like free recording. Mixing and mastering is a skill, and skills must be rewarded. In some cases, singers agree to be giving their producers a percentage of the money the former makes, on the songs produced by the latter.

Music can be business and that depends on how well one plays their cards. Yes, we have only focused on artists (singers), the beat makers and the producers, but every player in music can make money through music. Many players including tour managers, road managers, booking agents, publishers and promoters are making money in music. And you wonder how. We hope that is going to be the talk for another time.



A Beat Maker and a Music Producer

This is why some songs are better on radio and poor when performed live. It is not because the artist never prepared, but because the beat was just sophisticated and too complicated….. It is also the reason why you hear a music fan complaining that the show was merely a waste, as the artist used a CD with recorded speech or song….


Hie there! It is nice to be back with another interesting piece. We hope you all alive and kicking. Last time we posted something, it was just a brief view of what music is all about. Today, we all have to go a bit further than that. Precisely, we will look at being a beat maker and a music producer. We are certain that you have heard one or both.

These two guys are in certain cases used interchangeably, but they are separate. For some musical genres, there has to be the instrumental or the beat. An instrumental is a foundation for some musical genres. Simply put, it is a product of putting together different musical instruments. For instance, if someone plucks a guitar and another beats a drum to the extent that there is coordination between these two musical instruments, then automatically a beat is made. An instrumental is important as it makes a song enjoyable.

beat maker & music producer

A Beat Maker

Being a beat maker isn’t that cheap. What I mean is, it is a skill that requires untiring effort. A beat maker, just as the name hints, is somebody who makes beats or instrumentals. We believe there are two different beat makers in this world. There is one who relies on computer programming and the other who doesn’t.

So, there are a couple of things that every beat maker is supposed to have. Apart from the skill (which is something which can be learned), there also has to be a few things. Basically, there is always the computer and the musical instruments.

Computer programmed beat making

Computer programmed beat maker relies heavily on computers to create a beat; there is a computer and a few speakers (but not always, and can be headphones). The computer is programmed with some exceptional software which makes it possible to make a beat. There are a lot of beat making softwares (Digital Audio Workstations) on the market these days, but the most widely used are the FL studio, the Sonar and Studio one.

Generally, we employ this way to come up with beats, but not commercially. We do it for fun. If you are a beat making fan, you can show some love by commenting on this post. We hope everyone will give us feedback though, not necessarily the beat makers, lol. We desire to share with you some of the beats we make, hopefully very soon.

Computer programmed beat making is not that costly if we are to compare it to human manipulated beat making. All one needs is the electronic machine called the computer. There is no need to have the musical instruments. Everything you need is in the computer provided that you have the right software. One can make a beat using computer programs anywhere; whether you are in your bedroom or in a bus on a long journey.

Secondly, these beat makers are able to make sophisticated beats, for they do it out of curiosity. They are always like, “if I do this to this, how will this sound”.

However, it is time consuming in order to come up with such sophisticated beats. The mouse and the computer keyboard as the basic input devices make it difficult to insert the keys that one wants. One has to start all over every time they feel like their keys are not in place.

In addition, technical know-how is required. Remember, this is computer programmed hence you ought to know what to do, and at just the right moment. It is easy to make errors and difficult to clear the errors unless you are very familiar with the program. “Bad input always gives bad output”, so they say; thus Garbage-In and Garbage-Out (GIGO).

Human manipulated beat making

The other beat maker is the one who relies on human manipulation very much. This is where the actual musical instruments come to play. The musical instruments are recorded separately so that the beat does not fall out on human artistic display. For example, if you want to make a beat with a keyboard, a piano, a guitar and the drums, then you have to record all these instruments separately by playing them.

Skills and arts are preserved with such kind of beat making. Playing the instruments requires human creativity, and is a skill that is often exhibited. And that is exactly why we have these music schools, so that such skills are passed on from generation to generation.

Secondly, this beat making approach allows the making of beats that can be performed live by artists. This is why some songs are better on radio and poor when performed live. It is not because the artist never prepared, but because the beat was just sophisticated and too complicated (the beat making was just computer programmed). It is also the reason why you hear a music fan complaining that the show was merely a waste, as the artist used a CD with recorded speech or song.

The disadvantage of such an approach to beat making is that it is too expensive. The musical instruments are just expensive to own or have. Moreover, the musical instruments would require a large storage space. Many guys have reverted to the computer based beat making likely because of these two reasons.

And it is possible to use all these approaches to beat making. Some guys are probably doing that!

Music Producer

So, who is a music producer?

In a simple way, a music producer is someone who produces music before it is distributed to the audience for consumption. Besides voice, the instrumental (beat) is the raw material to every music producer. Voice is recorded in the studio using computer programs (for example; adobe audition and Cu base). In general, the music producer runs the recording studio.

Modern-day studio


Generally, there has to be that division of labour in the music industry as well. No artist has the ability to do all things; we mean they can do some things but not all things. The roles of a beat maker and a music producer are different. This implies that there is that specialization which leads to quality work; since everyone is always engaged in their field.

However, current trends indicate that a music producer is a beat maker, and contrariwise. This is why we pointed out that these two guys are used interchangeably.

How to become a beat maker and a music producer

There are no detailed guidelines to becoming a beat maker or a music producer. It is possible to bring a donkey to the stream, but it cannot be forced to drink the water. Similarly, the journey of either becoming a beat maker or a music producer begins with you. You have to make that decision yourself.

Then you have to put together the equipment to help you get started. This is the hardware, and includes computers, studio monitor(s), speakers (not any speakers though), headphones, microphone, MIDI keyboard/Controller, MIDI interface and cables to name a few. You will also need the right beat making and recording softwares. You may not necessarily need all these items; some may be added later as you progress.

And remember to choose a quiet room for all your recordings.

some of the hard wares one may need

Once you have set up your workstation, look for a few tutorials to help you get started. We bet there are a number of books that can also help you. YouTube can as well be a great place to start from.

After making a couple of instrumentals or producing a few songs, it is wise to let your friends examine your projects. Do not be shy about your first projects! Besides, you can visit fellow beat makers or producers. There are also a lot of online communities that you can join to share your ideas and learn from them. In these online communities, there are different people; you talk of professionals, people with experience, and people who are willing to help you, just for free.

It is a lot of fun making music. Do not stop practicing and always read widely. Your first days will always be sour! But do not let that demotivate you; you were meant to succeed anyway.

Have fun

Music: A glimpse of it

It was all intentional excluding the definition of
music…… but why?

Have you ever asked yourself as to what exactly music is? Well, when your favorite song is being played on the radio, you know for sure that whatever you are listening to at that particular moment is actually music. If someone comes remarking that the song is awesome; you will be like, “Well, yeah! This is good music.”

Not many of you guys have reflected deeply on this subject. Very few might have tried to, simply because they had been at a music school, hence had been given an assignment by their lecturer, and they tried searching for the needed info on Google. To many guys out there, music is just whatever they think it is.

We all have our own taste when it comes to music. Mind you, individuals are different as night and day. What you like might not be the same as to what your neighbor likes. But in the very end, it is all music, you know. We talk of jazz, rock, country, r n b, rap, hip-pop, reggae, dance hall, house music, pop among other music genres. Sometimes you wonder if a particular music genre (or sub-genre) exists after listening to one or few songs. Exactly, maybe because you are only restricted to listening to what you only get pleasure from. But still, your curiosity might carry weight. You would ask, “why not linking such a song to the other styles that are recognized throughout the entire world?”

Music is very important and that is impossible to deny. Seriously this blog would not be here if it were not for music. You would not have even spared your precious time going through this article. Our days would definitely be boring because there is no that fine tune we normally love. Think of a church without the hymns or the choir singing; how would the divine service be? Consider two marriage ceremonies; one with music and the other without. Which one would be worth remembering?

To some, music is merely an amusement

It is a fact that some individuals earn their bread and butter through music. I believe you have an infinite count of such individuals. Oh yes; all those celebrated singers! They are just a piece to the music puzzle. Consider the songs you recently listened to on your phone, in your car, or even those you downloaded from the internet. They are here today because of a number of guys, who by whatever means, did what they had to do in the very best possible way.

The beat in the music isn’t a disappointment at all. Probably the song pieces were crafted by the greatest song writer. The recording was exactly a masterpiece. Then there came the marketing for the song, from record labels to online music stores. You see, music is not as simple as A B C. A lot of players are just involved, though some are hardly recognized.

However, not every song does involve all these players in the industry. Shortcuts are often taken, and unexpectedly, the song remains a chef-d’oeuvre.

Music is wide; not only is it confined to what we hear on the radio. We have had roommates who had a beautiful voice. Frequently we could hear them sing solely with their voice to improve their technique. That was music! We’ve been to a number of orchestral performances where different instruments (harp, flute, trumpet, violin, timpani, xylophone, piano, cymbal, marimba and the electric guitar) were being played altogether. We’ve been to a number of live performances by our favorite artists and their bands.

Music is made with a number of instruments. Besides, it incorporates a few vocal techniques; ranging from singing to rapping. On the other hand, music can as well neglect these musical instruments and the vocal techniques.

Someone might have bought us a musical instrument, yet we always find it hard to create that perfect tune whenever we play. Don’t worry! All the same we are making music; only that we are an amateur this time. And our outcome is going to be totally awful, in contrast to the professionals. With time and practice, we will heal though.

We’ve had a brief overview of what music is in the preceding paragraphs; and we surely opine that we all are in the same boat, and are now drifting ashore. However, let us not forget that a question was posed in the very beginning; an inquiry as to what music is, by definition. It was all on purpose to neglect such an explanation in the first place.


It was all intentional excluding the definition of music…… but why?

Firstly, the definition was omitted for the general purpose of this writing. This article gives a quick look of what music is all about. This article has been written to help the audience comprehend the very nature of music; so that they have a clean description of what music is, hence being able to come up with own definitions (exactly the accompanying point).

Secondly, there is no correct definition of music. This is because at the moment, it is a bit difficult to come up with an explanation that catches all the aspects of music. All we are saying is that the definitions are there, but they are incomplete; incomplete in the sense that they exclude a few cases which are unquestionably music. The debate about how music is defined is ongoing, and has been there for decades. Nonetheless, we believe that all definitions are right provided that they capture all elements of music.

As originally indicated, music is difficult; so expect competition if you want to venture into music in some way. Already, there is rivalry in the music industry between the existing players. Every artist is trying to get there, but only the strong does make it. Upcoming artists are as well posing a threat to the industry; but come on, this is a free world. There is always going to be a new singer, a new producer or a new beat maker every day. We cannot stop that; it is simply the way it is supposed to be, and it is certainly better that way.

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