Truly, life is beyond living for ourselves. Some of us are here today, simply because someone did something good back then. We are, because they are.

From childhood, we’ve had different backgrounds; possibly worse than others and too harsh to bear. And whenever we tell our story to our loved ones, children or siblings, we burst into tears; feeling very remorseful for the bleak and difficult life.

Luckily for some, it is now history. We are forever thankful when we think of how far we have come; either by our own force or somebody’s help. Our history is our testimony, always having that “if” part.

If it wasn’t for that man, I wouldn’t be here…. He saved me.”

“She was a total stranger to me. I didn’t know her…I mean I have never heard about her. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what would have become of my life….”

When an artist gives back to his or her community, and in good faith, we feel good. We feel good because it clearly shows that s/he has a sense of responsibility. And it is a lesson we can all draw.

Some artists pay tuition for needy students at higher education institutions. Some have to some extent paid bills for destitute families. And some have embarked on a number of projects, from building health facilities to making water available in rural areas.

Sorry if this will anger you but I believe it is a fact. Some artists are still in the industry because of us, the fans. It does no harm to give back to the community. And there are people constantly looking for our help out here.

Beautiful souls
we can make a difference out there (pictures taken from the world wide web)

We give today, and we are more blessed tomorrow.

True giving is from the bottom of the heart. We give not only because we have more, or that we no longer need what we have. True giving is far greater than all that. It is denying yourself the chance to enjoy whatever you have with the aim of putting smiles on someone’s face. Scriptural, it is a concept of putting someone’s needs ahead of our own.

Yes, you can make people happy. You can make this world a better place. You have a sense of responsibility. And it all starts now.

All the best.

And remember…..

Charity quotes




“Where words fail, music speaks” Hans Christian Andersen

To my readers,

This article has been published not because of recent circumstances where a music artist voiced out her political views. Surely, the political remarks she took to the social media and this article are entirely coincidental, and different.

Well, music has existed for centuries, and so is its relationship with politics. And judging from the chronicles, the relationship has been harmonious, and sometimes sour. My Word-Web dictionary defines politics as activities and affairs in managing a government. Any government is formed by the people, and it is there to serve the people.

As quoted in one of our published articles (Music_Quotes), music surely has the power to change the world because it can change people.

People get frustrated when leaders do things contrary to the former’s expectations. People get frustrated when the same mistakes are done over and over again. One blunder after the other makes people [to] question the leadership style. When enough is enough (to the point where mediation between the concerned parties fail), people run to the streets.

Similarly, music has always served as a vehicle for expressing social and political discontent (Morvaridi, 2016). When there are issues of unfairness, injustice, corruption or even nepotism, music speaks. When the majority is subjected to cruelty, music speaks.

Historically, music is seen as a weapon for fighting inequality. At the peak of racism and violence, music spoke. In the recent years, there have been widespread campaigns against those in authority. One notable instance is the Black Lives Matter movement which is against police brutality, discrimination and any form of violence. And music has always supported similar causes.

Some of the photos behind the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. Taken from adamwoldphotography

Hans Christian Andersen was right when he said “music speaks where words fail”. Again, Best and Kellner (n.d.) in their writing titled Rap_Black Rage_and_Racial_Difference said and I quote:

Rap artists like Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Ice-T, N.W.A., Ice Cube, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Queen Latifah, Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tupac Shakur, the Fugees, and countless others produced a new musical genre that uniquely articulated the rage of the urban underclass and its sense of intense oppression and defiant rebellion”.

Music serves a number of purposes in politics, more especially when elections are nearer and nearer. Trend has it that artists use music to endorse a particular candidate. We had music during the 2009 Malawi elections supporting some presidential aspirants for the hot seat. The same happened in 2014. And now that elections are drawing closer, some artists are busy doing political music. Apart from selling party ideologies to voters, some artists use music to earn easy money from politicians.

[Remember the song “My President” by Young Jeezy Featuring Nas which was released a decade ago] [And the song “Odi Uko” by Fredokiss from Malawi Featuring Young Kay, GD, Marcus, Barry One…..]

Indeed, music has the power to make a difference. It is a voice for the voiceless. It brings hope to the hopeless. And at the same time, politicians use it to pull potential voters. So, should musicians mix music and politics?

Music and Politics

Well, I hope to meet you again next week. Cheers!

Music Quotes

There are things that touch our hearts and soul, but cannot be touched. Music is one of those things. So, below is a collection of music quotes inspired by the beautiful music we listen to every day.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”. Bob Marley

Where words fail, music speaks”. Hans Christian Andersen

If music be the food of love, play on”. William Shakespeare

Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. It’s transporting, for sure. It can take you right back, to the very moment certain things happened in your life. It’s uplifting, it’s encouraging, it’s strengthening”. Aretha Franklin

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”. Victor Hugo

The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers”. Roy Ayers

Complete strangers can stand silent next to each other in an elevator and not even look each other in the eye. But at a concert, those same strangers could find themselves dancing and singing together like best friends. That’s the power of music”. LZ Granderson

Music is an expression of individuality; it’s how you see the world. All art is, for that matter. You take how you experience the world, interpret it, and send it out there, express it; whether it’s sculpture, dance or singing”. David Sanborn

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician, I often think in music. I live my day dreams in music. I see my life in terms of music”. Albert Einstein

Music can change the world because it can change people”. Bono

Without music, life would be a mistake”. Friedrich Nietzsche

And for more online collection of music quotes, you can visit the following:

Have a lovely week!


Hie! It feels good to bounce back again. I believe life is treating you well. It is, on my side. The past two weeks have been great when it comes to writing. And I hope the coming weeks will be greater.

Well, today’s work is simple. And it is for you, especially if you either have a dream job in the music circles or not.

Are you all that careful with your money? As an individual (or any other ordinary artist), how do you spend your money? Do you spend more on consumption or more on saving? Is your source of income narrower, such that your earnings equate to your expenses?

I would like to instill a saving culture in you. Many of us have at times failed miserably when it comes to saving. From time to time, we rush to dismiss the idea of saving by simply saying, “I don’t earn that much, so why should I save…. and for what”.

We get different monthly paychecks. But that difference does not mean we should not save. Let us keep the little that we earn, so that we are not declared bankrupt come tomorrow.

Truly, they are some people who work temporarily (like me of course), and saving becomes hard. By working temporarily; people work for a specific agreed period of time and once that period lapses, they are back to square one. Here, saving depends on some factors.

Firstly, if the pay is high for that job, then one is likely to save. Secondly, the duration for the job does influence the amount of money to be saved. And lastly, how often one finds these temporary jobs will also influence the amount of money to be saved.

Chart_Saving for Tommorrow

Saving is hard for the first times, but you will get used. Believe me, it is a choice you will never regret. If you start saving today, you will be able to cover for any inconvenient discomfort that may arise. You will be able to cover for your daily expenses when your employer lays you off. And the more you save, the more the chances of investing in additional sources of income.

Well, people are doing a lot after saving and that is the motivation behind this writing. People are building houses. They are diversifying their sources of income. By saving, they are living happily.

Chart equation

It does not matter what kind of a job you hold. Keep on saving and you will prove them wrong someday.

All the best!


We all want to succeed in life. We all want to do better. We all want things to work out for us. Those are our dreams; they are part and parcel of what we hold dear.

With time, we may have all that we want. And sadly, all that we have may be gone in a blink. That is reality, and we cannot push it aside.

It takes a tremendous effort to build a great reputation, and a little one to destroy it.

Sometimes artists get carried away to the extent that they forget who they are. They behave in a child-like manner, thereby failing to maintain their expected obligation. Normally, artists have their personal life, but that very moment when they fit into the celebrity cap, somethings just change.

Their following_list unexpectedly piles up. More girls are after them. Artists would want their presence to be felt, which of course automatically happens. They start partying, boozing, smoking, doing drugs, and they fail to lead by example as before.

Only a handful of artists remain faithful to their roots. They never change come rain or sunshine.

Come on, I am saying it is not wrong to party. Drink or smoke whenever you like. That is your life. But having too much will only make you loud, foolish and likely to blunder. Too much of a booze or weed determines your next action or fate. And the paparazzi are ready to bring that to the world.

Recently, there have been scandals of music celebrities caught in bizarre situations. Sometimes you wonder what on earth they were thinking. There are sex videos all over the internet. Their nude photos (selfies) are widely circulated almost everywhere. We hear that he or she was caught driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. And unfortunately, some die of drug overdose.

There have been stories of artists being apprehended, simply because they were found on the wrong side of the law.

Truly, no soul is perfect, but this world we live in gives second chances and possibilities. Let us refrain from immoral practices whilst we have time. Otherwise our caliber will gradually decrease, and we will have little or no character.

Always remember, when we die, we will be buried underground much longer, and there will be no time for repentant. So let us try to right our wrongs before it is too late.



It is more difficult to write well about music, especially when it comes to blogging. Successful blogging simply means sacrifice, commitment, contemplating, and patience. And that is why I hardly write; I hope you will forgive me for that.

Writing well about music is hard, agrees Robert DiYanni, who is at work on an anthology of contemporary writers. But a few ideas could help make your writing distinct, especially if you want to make your music blog successful.

Do your homework very well. What I mean is you should make reading a habit. This is important so that you penetrate deeply into ideas of your work. Visit any nearby library; possibly they may stock some books you will need. Do not be afraid to visit other blogs. They may have a better style of writing, and you may incorporate theirs into yours. Read from anything you come across that might be of any help; and it will surely help.

Listen to music. If you are blogging about music; then you must enjoy listening to it. My advice though is that you should never restrict yourself to only one particular genre. You could listen to all, or perhaps the popular genres. And you could never run out of ideas.

And music shows are a great place to be every time you have the chance. Trust me; you will always find something to write. And your blog could feature some of the artists you meet unexpectedly at such venues.

Write from experiences. Your blogging content could come from your life experiences. You could either blog about your successes or failures in music, and people would be happy to hear that out. In truth, experience is a better teacher.

Lastly, make blogging a hobby. Believe me when I say many of these music bloggers did not make it in a day. It is all years of hard work. Just don’t quit when you feel like your ship is sinking; Rome was not built in a day.

Have a great day.


The struggle to get through in music is real….

Making good music really feels good. Of course, you may have spent sleepless nights with a few disappointments here and there. But come on, your first project is finally done. Your music is ready; ready that you are so excited; very excited because you’ve done the unimaginable (lol). The feedback…the comments are just great. And your morale is super high.

But don’t feel too happy, as your journey in music has just begun.

Your project is great; but does not reach the intended audience. You make fine music, fine instrumental or a hunky-dory beat, only to sale it miserably. As an artist, you are good. Your artistic euphonies are first class. But that inability to market your talent is one big thing.

I have listened to a number of artists on various radio stations looking for someone to promote their talent. Few might have succeeded while many have failed. And those who fail are likely to quit. Even those who succeed dump their sponsors after a successful record sale. Upcoming artists lack the financial muscle. To either have or keep potential promoters aboard is another hell for artists.

However, technology these days has simplified the way things are done, thus can be used to allure promoters. Your songs could be uploaded on music websites simply to make yourself visible. You could send your best songs to any radio station to enjoy air plays. You could even refer people to download them from your personal website. These are simply a few of the things that might have put major artists on the globe.

A problem shared is half solved, but many of the upcoming artists fail to collaborate with existing artists. Do these new artists threaten the music industry? Not at all! By working together, artists simply share knowledge, ideas and experiences on how to make better music.

Finally, all artists need to pay attention to every input they receive; be it of praise or fault. Knowing your weakness is a milestone to success. Your flaws are not an obstacle, but rather an added advantage. Take note of every critique you receive, and use it as fuel to keep you burning. Remember, knowledge is power.

The struggle to get through in music is real, but you can triumph. Have a great day.